The Greg Billings Band

Together, We Got Soul !


Posted by on Jul 13, 2015

557367_267946216653999_1297113879_nFor the last 13 and a half years I have been working a day job that has been quite challenging and stimulating. But that stimulation and challenge has seemed to fade recently and I have decided (With the support of my awesome wife) to leave for a Full Time Musician role. With this comes announcement that I will begin writing new songs with the band(and with various artist) for a new GBB album to be released next year. I will be adding more GBB gigs and also singing with other friends in the business to earn a living. I feel like a kid again !! So with that being said it looks as you will be seeing more FB post to promote these gigs, so if the posts annoy please hit the “unfriend” button so I can add some folks that would not mind the updates. Budweiser and Law Offices of Fran M. Haasch rock !!!