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Greg Billings Band to debut new song “Fast Train”

Posted by on Aug 31, 2015

Fran Haasch Law

Wednesday Night Sept 2nd The Fran Haasch Law Group along with Ronnie Pastrami’s Deli will sponsor The Greg Billings Band’s debut at Biff Burger Bike Night at 8pm and the band will also debut their new song “Fast Train” which was written by Greg along with Geoff Abraham from “The Stone City”. This is the first song completed for the upcoming new album to be released late 2016. The band will continue to write songs and add them to their sets over this time period.  Greg adds,” I always believed playing a new song in front of a crowd once  is like rehearsing it ten times and although the song may change over time, it is usually for the better.” See if you can figure out what this song is stating from verse 1 and do not always assume the obvious.


Verse 1>

I just back from where I didn’t want to be

Back on track now the baits right in front of me

I’m a weathered man there’s no doubting my soul (He got soul, some old soul)

I’ve been rocked now I’m ready to roll


If push comes to shove I’m gonna fight it

Gettin’ back in the game ,

Goin’ back to love— On a Fast Train