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GBB 40th Anniversary of Stranger Band Debut Album Plus** on Thumb Drive




***Includes shipping

Oct 1st 2020 ESI Studio’s 75 minute GBB 40th Anniversary of the 1st Stranger Album (plus encore tunes Hangin’ Around with Alice, Old Friends Don’t Come Easy, Play Somethin’ Good, and Wrong Side of the Tracks) video on Thumb Drive Project. This project will also include theĀ  40 Minute Q&A Session (with 95YNF DJ Ron Diaz) that was only available to a limited number of folks prior to the “main “event. Also the May 17, 2020 75 Minute ESI Live GBB Streaming Event with the Zoom crowd. Jan Klinge is also putting together some “behind the scenes” footage that will be included. Plus a nice little surprise “added Bonus”. This project will be available for Pre- Order and is limited to 50 orders.


Thanks to ESI Studios= Pat Clarke, Erick Otto, Brian Dormer

Tony Esposito at Espo Productions