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Release date is Feb 10th

Songs 1 thru 9 were found on old cassetteĀ tapes in one of my “boxes”I had stored away 20 years ago. After alot of listening I decided maybe we could fix these up and let people hear some raw recordings of some Stranger songs. 7 of the songs were never released at all and 4 were previously released but these were true “live” type recordings that I felt people should hear. The Ronnie Garvin guitar playing is just so good! He was such a natural guitar man!! Randy Holt (who was a key writer on most of these songs) keyboard parts are true late 80’s and of course Tom King and John Price always solid on the “Bottom”. Lead Vocals and backing vocals on most of these songs were live and you can really hear how good Randy and Ronnie were. Songs 10 and 11 were recorded by Tom King, George Harris,Kyle Ashley, Rob Stoney, Mark Busto and myself. I hope you guys get a kick out of these tunes. Turn it up and enjoy!!!


Stranger Unreleased Vol. 2 – Who Knew?

Sweet Little Sister

Don’t Talk

So Called Friends

Mama Mama(Live early version)

Comin’ on Strong

We Were Wrong (Live early version)

Alligator Joe (Live Early Version)

Don’t Look Now

Runnin’ in the Red (Remastered Stranger Version)

Hangin’ Around with Alice (GBB Studio Cut)

Set The Night on Fire (GBB Studio Track)