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The Greg Billings Band Announces New Album Release Date

Posted by on Aug 1, 2017

The Greg Billings Band Announces New Album Release Date

The overwhelming response to Greg Billings Band newest album “Boom, Boom, All Night”, released in November 2016, saw friends both old and new from across the country and around the world, ordering and downloading the album at a surprising rate (Due in part to the inclusion of vocals provided by talented Rock n’ Roll “Hall of Fame” artists, Brian Johnson and Robin Zander). These were exciting times for the band, prompting them to reflect on the path and people who helped bring them to this day.

For Greg and bassist Tom Cardenas, founding members of Stranger, it was clear, “Regardless of where one joined the Stranger or Greg Billings Band journey, everyone enjoyed the old songs with there 1980’s and 90’s, guitar licks and the “my way or the highway” lyrics.”

With the 35th anniversary of Stranger’s original self-titled album approaching, the timing seemed perfect to celebrate the music of both bands. Combine “Stranger” with “Boom Boom” and do it while merging together friends of the past and present as well as honoring those who contributed to their journey a long the way.

It all came together one night in downtown Clearwater’s SOLD OUT Capitol Theatre. The stage was set for those friends in attendance, many traveling from across the country for GBB’s version of a Stranger style “House Party”. The night certainly lived up to its billing and by the time the final curtain dropped, the smiles in the crowd had broadened, voices had become hoarse from the cheers, and the echoing sounds of their youth were vibrating in their ears.

While channeling the iconic original music of Stranger, and performing the music of The Greg Billings Band, the Capitol Theatre Audience was able to bear witness to what would rapidly become a memorable part of Tampa Bay’s rock ’n’ roll history.

The result– “Greg Billings Band Live; Stranger 35”

                                Release Date Oct 6th, 2017  Daiquiri Shak , Madeira Beach Fl USA